Yes, Casscade with a SS has a story...

The Name “Casscade Wellness”: my cousin Cass, Cassandra who had Down's Syndrome was an instrumental & integral part of my life growing up, we had a special connection, communicating on what I feel was an intuitive level.  Cass did the puzzle you see at the top of this page.  The word cascade is extremely relevant to the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner course content- it’s focus is on understanding the cascade of health from north to south focusing on Digestion-starting with the brain & parasympathetic nervous system and working our way through a cascade of body systems and processes.  Combining the word Cass & Cascade gives me Casscade.  I chose Wellness because it encompasses the whole self, Cellular function, Wellbeing, Health, Thought, Energy, Belief.

Lotus flower Dragon Fly graphic Meaning:
Graphically-it’s about rising up, creating something beautiful from the murky waters.

DragonFly; favourite animal and symbol.  My cousin Cass loved butterflies.  Her favourite colour butterfly was black with aqua.  I love dragon flys because they hover, they observe, seemingly still, yet powerfully focused.  I love that their wings are transparent almost- you can see them and the world through their wings, you can see reflections, lines of connection upon their wings.

Infinity symbol (mobius); energetic symbol, represents thought equalling creation, 2 sides to a story, wings of thoughts being sent out into the universe.

3 droplets (dragon fly tail/water droplets).  Water is essential for life, Cellular Communication & Healing.  DragonFly is in the water element.  Water is A foundation of life, ancestral, Mother Earth.

Journey This Far...From scrambled to whole.

I saw every aspect of my life crumbling away like feta under a fork.

I turned inwards... contemplative, meditative, connected to self... a state of parasympathetic being.  Little did I know this decision was also what I would come to realise was fundamental to healing the body as well.  The universe provided me with a smorgasbord of choices, yet I kept choosing the wrong things to chew on... inevitably I got presented with a set menu, limited options.

Rest, Rediscover, Read; became my daily agenda in the pursuit of a new recipe for life, one that enabled me to nourish my body, mind & soul, giving me purpose and desire to create my own menu... in fact, my own recipes for life.
Aaahhh reflection and hind sight what wonderful concepts they are; What I know now... If I could have given myself some handy hints this is what I’d say... (lucky I didn’t because I wouldn’t have been able to Hear them for what they really are;))

#1. Be a seeker of knowledge, always back yourself.  You can get real smart, real quick, about something that’s real important for you to know about. There are no limits on your intelligence when your backing your life with it.

#2. Go down the rabbit hole of research... and I mean way, way down.  Inform yourself of both sides of the coin.  Integrate knowledge, create files of information in your mind (& on paper or tech somewhere;)) to be able to choose from later.  If it caught your attention it’s for good reason, maybe not for immediate use however there will be value in it somewhere when you need to discover it.

#3. Turn inwards; it really does start with ourselves.  Find time to truly find yourself, get lost in the spirals and swirls of meditative colouring, allow your mind to wander and join in the fun of seeing change happen before your very eyes - what started as a black & white outline evolves into a colourful, scene filled with vision.

#4. Expand your interests, explore your purpose, envisage the future... believe

#5. Healing choices are yours to make without judgement, if you believe without doubt in your chosen method you are already on your way to wellness.

#6. Be shellfish... lol, selfish, it really is all about self.

#7. Be fussy; choose friends and food wisely, your ability to digest life comes in so many ways, on so many levels

#8. Rebuild the whole system from the inside out.

#9. Take the drivers seat in your desire to survive.  Chart a course, buckle up, hold onto your hat, it’s rally car racing on Sugar!

#10. Sunshine ... on my shoulders makes me happy; I wonder if John Denver knew just how important vitamin D3 is?!

#11. Trust your intuition, instincts, innate intelligence, internal compass, knowing, sixth sense, gut feeling...after all, a gut feeling is where physiology and psychology meet!

#12. Believe, know and trust that You know your body better than anybody.  Listen with the intent to hear what it’s saying/showing you

#13. There is no box when it comes to healing methodologies.  Smash up the cardboard box, put it & all preconceived ideas into the shredder and make your own paper...

#14. Want Wellness... words are powerful.  Describe your healing journey in a way that allows you to hear yourself describing the gains/steps forward to others so you canhear it for yourself also

#15. Leave the labels to food in jars, don’t determine your fate, feelings and future upon the label prescribed to you

#16. Love yourself enough to live...

‘You're totes worth it!’

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