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Creating a business and a website is new to me, however, researching and sharing knowledge about how our bodys work, things we can do to support it, delving into the complexities of disability and complex health challenges is not.
I am now officially qualified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) in what can be described as a new frontier of nutrition called Functional Nutrition.  Being an NTP allows me to access a global network of practical expertise and share decades of research, my personal experience and motivating purpose!
I am focused on helping people experience LESS symptoms of illness and disease and MORE feelings of wellness, energy, and joy...a sense of being MORE able to participate and do-Well in the every day.

How is it that we do-Well?

Nutritional Therapy
  • My approach as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and Access Bars® Practitioner (BP) is that it's ALL about Communication; How we talk to each other is easily compared to how our cells talk to each other. Understand and respect that the body has a natural North to South flow of dependant systems and processes...a natural Cascade of systems and processes...good cell to cell communication is essential to do-Well
  • I talk about Functional Nutrition as three logical stages:-
    Notice. Recognise. Respond.
    Notice...Noticing subtle feedback from the body before it becomes a symptom of illness and disease
    Recognise...Recognising the bodys cascade of systems and processes providing the feedback
    Respond...Responding by exploring meaningful changes you could make that fit comfortably into your life to help you do-Well.
    AND...this is all about what YOUR body needs to work in its own unique way
  • Functional Nutrition works with and supports the WHOLE BODY at a cellular level...specifically noticing how the systems and processes in your body MUST COMMUNICATE to do-Well
Access Consciousness® Bars Therapy
  • Access Bars® is a Mindfulness technique utilising 32 reflex points on the head called the ‘Bars.’ You get the benefit of meditation, stress management, relaxation and motivation all wrapped up in one...alignment for the mind
  • Safe, easy, helpful for the whole family
  • For stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, feeling stuck...Get your “Bars run”®, it’s a head massage with purpose
Meet our NTP / BP, Amanda Ford
My interests centre around complex illnesses, autoimmune disease, recovering from chronic disease and supporting the health and well-being of people living with a disability.
Quite simply...that list describes the personal and health challenges I have experienced almost continually, year after year without meaningful explanation or significant progress. Add these challenges to raising our 4 children, one with an extra chromosome...(ie Down’s syndrome) and something had to change. I felt I had no option but to find my own way to do-Well...learn to pay attention to what MY BODY was telling me, learn about how MY BODY worked (or didn't) and what MY BODY needed to do-Well. After discovering Bio-Individuality and Nutritional Therapy I experienced positive change.
As I learned...I discovered a mountain of thoroughly researched information that suggests there is far more to nutrition than the Food Pyramid and Standard Australian Diet (SAD)...road to healthy living. This new whole body and bio-individual approach is described as Functional Nutrition.
The depth and complexity of the research I had to process and understand was almost overhelming until it dawned on me...almost every aspect of this whole Functional Nutrition concept could be comfortably compared to a good old conversation. Now, if you've spent any time with might agree, having a conversation IS something I know a little about.

Official Descriptions and Definitions

To wrap it up...
NTP’s go far beyond the food pyramid, standard nutritional formulas, diets and a one size fits all approach
We are all about Bio-Individuality
An NTP recognises that genetics and environment determine your unique nutritional needs, providing dietary and lifestyle recommendations reflecting what you want to achieve

"You have 100+ trillion cells in your body. You create 10+ million a second. Your job is simple: Make sure they get what they need..." Unknown
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